Light hemp is experiencing a rebirth in Piedmont, where it is cultivated for the production of tops, CBD oils, food, fabrics and other natural products that are achieving great success among consumers.

Thanks to the favorable climate and fertile land, Piedmont obtains abundant yields of certified light hemp, which is used by companies in the sector to create products that exude all the well-being of this extraordinary plant. A real ‘green gold’ that is attracting the interest of farmers, investors and natural product enthusiasts.

Light hemp is cultivated in full compliance with current regulations, selecting certified varieties with very low THC content (tetrahydrocannabinol), the psychoactive component of the hemp plant. Rich in CBD (cannabidiol) instead, it helps improve psycho-physical well-being in a natural way.

Transformed into tops, oils and food, Piedmont light hemp is marketed in Italy and abroad, where it enjoys great appreciation for its high quality. Consumers appreciate its relaxing and anti-inflammatory properties, which help reduce stress and pain naturally.

The rebirth of hemp in Piedmont has also given rise to a new green industry that supports the local economy, creating new jobs in the cultivation and processing phases. A sector that combines innovation, agricultural tradition and respect for the environment, capable of producing well-being, health and new business opportunities.

Thanks to its historical origins, Piedmont is once again becoming the homeland of hemp. An excellence that grows lushly under the sun, ready to become a source of new wealth for the region. Piedmont light hemp deserves to be rediscovered as ‘green gold’ with many beneficial properties.