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    Our cauna

    We guarantee maximum product quality in keeping with the highest production standards.

    Cold drying is conducted in a controlled environment, rigorously dark, in a fully automated space of 400 square meters.
    The cleaning is carried out with cutting-edge equipment and finished manually. Our genetic practices of our constant quest to always offer prized varieties are all certified.

    We can also offer a controlled cleaning and drying service as well as storage space for other producers, with an eye towards future collaborations.

    We aim to offer innovations that combine crop safety monitoring, advances and standardization in production processes, data, and improved post-harvest techniques.

    Our aim is to continue to produce blossoms and CBD extracts for national and international distribution.

    Our mission is to create the first Italian CBD farm where we can offer our customers a total immersion in the world of hemp, starting from the disclosure and sharing of all the main characteristics and qualities of the plant, with a focus on its countless curative and medical properties, and to help people understand what it means to grow directly in the fields and greenhouses.
    We avail ourselves of the advice of doctors specialized in treating various diseases with CBD who can work with you step by step to find the most appropriate therapy for your illness.

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